MTF Fiduciary are Worldwide Company Incorporation specialists and trustees stationed in Larnaca, Cyprus. We provide all company formation and company registration and management services as well as Residency and Citizenship Services and Nominee Director services that can be advantageous to your business. We are looking for trusted partners who can expand our business network on a win-win basis.

The majority of our clients are referred to us by members of our professional intermediaries’ network - accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, consultants, forex executives, private bankers, stockbrokers and crypto exchangers to name a few.

Typically, MTF is the provider of the “Offshore Element” to international tax structures recommended and set up by international tax planners and advisors, for their clients.

Zero Conflict of Interest

Ultimately, we consider clients referred to us by professional intermediaries as their clients and not ours. We focus on what we do best: Company Formation and Corporate Administration Services, Bank Accounts and Licensed/Regulated Entities. We leave room for the intermediaries to provide all other advice and consultancy services.

Avoiding the provision of other “peripheral services” such as Asset Management and other Financial Services, Real Estate, Information Technology, etc we can maintain a “sharp focus on our core activities” and avoid conflict of interest issues.

We are keen to work with all professionals such as:

  • Accountants
  • Tax consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Business or financial consultants
  • Bankers
  • Stockbrokers
  • Investment advisors
  • Trust and Fiduciary Companies
  • Forex Professionals
  • Crypto and ICO Professionals

Levels of Association

In order to optimize our mutual contribution, add value to our network’s members and to manage their time and ours, and resources effectively, we offer two levels of membership:

Level I (“Passive Associates”) - associates who join our network, but have not yet referred any business to MTF Fiduciary. The tax and legal information access provided to these associates will be extensive - including full support to assist in identifying beneficial uses of Offshore Companies for specific potential clients. Passive Associates will also be part of our mailing list and will be invited to meetings, presentations, seminars or conferences that we will be organizing both here in Cyprus and in major cities around the world.

Level II (“Active Associates”) - full membership with all program’s benefits and privileges, available to Associates worldwide who start sending business to MTF Fiduciary. In order to build the relationship further - if an initial meeting had not already taken place - our Chairman will personally visit you in your country (offices) during his next business trip, usually within 6 months following the joining date. Thereon, follow - up “one-to one” meetings usually take place annually.

How to Join our Professional Network

Contact us, preferably by e-mail, enclosing your full contact details and expressing your interest in joining trhe MTF Fiduciary network. Please also provide us with your firmś website or brochure. We will be very pleased to start a fruitful co-operation with you.