International Banking License

As the world becomes a global village and more investors look beyond their geographical boundaries for security, strength and opportunity, there is a great business case for forming  your own bank in  tax- neutral environment.  'Having your own bank license offers great benefits to its owners as they enjoy more privacy and ease of use than their domestic units.

MTF Offshore is experienced in providing a comprehensive 'bank manager' service, or clients may take an 'a la carte' approach, keeping costs low by using only the services they need as business grows. Besides the basic registered agent and application processing service, available services (subject to negotiation) include:

  • Business plan preparation, in consultation with clients and their professional advisers
  • Provision of professionally qualified managers and directors
  • Development of AML policy and Compliance Manual
  • Assistance with opening correspondent accounts internationally
  • Assistance with application for SWIFT/BIC code
  • Provision of local presence, dedicated employee, phone line etc
  • Opening of representative offices in other countries
  • Provision and hosting of internet banking software
  • International credit and debit card programs

Gaming License

Online gaming has proven to be immensely popular and lucrative, providing players with authentic gaming experiences as well as creating large profits for their owners.

The application process is straightforward and licenses are typically approved within seven working days.

MTF Offshore provides a full registered office and registered agent service in compliance with applicable legislation. As your service provider we are committed to the success of your business and we will work with you along the way to advise and assist as required.

International Brokerage License

The International Brokerage & Clearing House License allow for the license holder to engage in activities such as:

Forex Trading
Stock Brokerage
Securities Brokerage
Financial Advisory
Asset Management
Fund Management
Custody Services
Transaction Clearing
Payment Processing
Currency Trading (FOREX)
Issuance of Securities
Underwriting of Securities

This license can be obtained quickly

Trustee Business

This new category is designed to be attractive to existing financial services businesses that handle third party or inter-company business but do not need a full banking license. It can also be used by third party payment processing businesses. Finally, it may be attractive to start-up businesses that may not qualify for a full banking license.

It functions like a bank in that it can provide the following services:
Deposit taking & lending
Debit and credit card services
Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments
Cash management services
Current accounts
Checking accounts
Savings accounts
Term deposits
Issuing of CDs
Wire transfer services
Payment processing services
Fund management
Marketing of investments
There no capital reserve requirements, nor nationality requirements for directors and shareholders.
The only restriction is that the word BANK cannot be used in the company name.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new term, which have emerged in 2008. Generally speaking - it is a digital currency. Main principles of nearly all the cryptocurrencies are:

- decentralization of emission / control bodies;
- application of various cryptography methods;
- collective systematization.

Cryptocurrency license will help the client to organize:

• cryptocurrency exchange platform
• cryptocurrency exchange office
• cryptocurrency wallet service providers
• and other types of services in the world of cryptocurrency trading.