MTF can now offer a wide range of External or Professional Directors from our experts panel who can serve as Director or Shareholder of your company for a small annual retainer fee.

We have Directors based in Cyprus, UK, Eastern Europe, Asia, Caribbean and South America all ready to serve on the board of your company. We can offer a simple nominee director for an offshore company. Or we can find you the perfect director with a CV and with financial or banking insurance, who can serve as Director of your Licensed or Regulated company and take your organisation to a new level of prestige.

For example, if you set up a Cyprus FX company you must have at least one Executive Director, who passes a ‘fit and proper’ requirement test, who is resident in Cyprus. This means that he must have an investment/financial background, has a respected reputation in business circles and has a clean criminal record. The requirement for Cyprus residency is to enable Cysec to correspond and liaise with him especially in as regards reporting as well as for clarifications and spot checks.

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