Beginning December 31, 2015 most jurisdictions have begun collecting information about you to share with your home country and will report it by September 2017. Even if you close your account before the reporting dates on September 2017 and September 2018 but AFTER December 31, 2015 or December 31, 2016 depending on where you hold your account, your information will STILL BE REPORTED to your country of residence.

The best way to maintain an offshore account without your information being reported to your home country will be to obtain residency in a low or no tax country. We can assist you in obtaining residence to protect you from this invasion of privacy.

The jurisdictions that are available are listed below.

Note: All residency programs require you visit the country in person for 1-4 weeks.

1. U.A.E. - 25,000 - 30,000 USD in fees for incorporation, licensing and Visa processing. Does not include the paid in capital required of about 14,000 USD (50,000 AED).

2. Mexico - 5000 USD in fees all inclusive. Requires a letter from a bank or brokerage verifying you have $3000 a month in income. No taxes levied on persons NOT working in Mexico. Birth certificate and finger prints required.

3. Argentina - 6500 USD all inclusive fees. Simple, fast process with little more than a passport . A monthly tax payment of approximately USD $80 is required. If working in Argentina this will be higher.

4. Estonia – 1000 EUR not including the service fee. Documents required: copy of passport, utility bill, reference letter from working place/ bank. This can be completed quickly once all documents have been received.

5. Eastern Europe – 5000 USD all inclusive. Birth certificate, passport are required. The process can be done quickly once documents have been received.

6. Countries of EU – please, contact us at support@mtf.com.cy for details.

7. Antigua, Nevis and Grenada residency programs - The application process is quicker than other programs, and will be approved within 60 days of submission with your passport issued immediately thereafter. Following private consultation and payment of a retainer fee, a complete set of required forms as well as an application guide will be sent to you by courier.

8. Comoros Islands – full package, guaranteed approval upon providing all the necessary documentation. The Comoros citizenship program offers an economic citizenship program that is very high quality and has many benefits. If you are truly interested in a Comoros citizenship for sale then you need to hire a licensed agent to help you with this. MTF Offshore are licensed by the Comorian government to provide services to assist those that wish to buy a citizenship.